Monday, January 14, 2013

My feelings in a game .

So #OneGameAMonth stated and I set a new goal to my self finish your first game ,so as any indie game developer a had millions of game Ideas and all of theme were amazing (at least in my mind) so that wasn't the way to go , after that I found a lecture in the GDC 2007 by Jonathan blow taking about prototyping and hows that helped him to make Braid and eliminate bad Ideas , so I started prototyping some of my Ideas and most of theme weren't that fun , couple of them were a bit fun , but I picked my favorite and called it "Where do they go".
It came to me when I saw a kid playing with a balloon then I remembered the feeling that I had when I was little , I always wondered where do they go . 
and know I come up with a Little story for it, they go to a castle in the clouds , where all balloons go , where the strongest survive , and there is no place for the weak .Your gonna play with a balloon witch is lost from the kid how had it , and by and by the kids life moves on , and you share with him it's good and bad moments , but he keep missing his balloon and when he need it the most , it will survive the test and get back to it beloved master. 
Hopefully the game will come out and enter the miniLD ... so keep an I for it .
that's it for know ...